HK Army Eject 3+2+4 Paintball Battlepack (Boost)

HK_Army_Eject_3_2_4_Paintball_Battlepack_Boost-jpg HK_Army_Eject_3_2_4_Paintball_Battlepack_Boost_back.jpg HK_Army_Eject_3_2_4_Paintball_Battlepack_Boost_open.jpg HK_Army_Eject_3_2_4_Paintball_Battlepack_Boost_pic.jpg
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Product description

The new HK Army Eject Battlepack designs are here!

With the HK Army Eject you get a pack that offers space for up to nine pots. The back of the Battlepack has soft and rubberized padding. These ensure an extremely high level of comfort and perfect support. The rubber loops attached to each pot bag automatically allow the pot to slide out of the bag. This makes potting easier in heated situations. The pack can be perfectly adjusted using the elastic Velcro strap.


- Space for up to nine pots (3 pot pockets + 6 loops)

- Very compact and light

- Comfortable to wear

- Perfect hold thanks to the rubberized back

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