Exalt Paintball Tank Cover Medium 48ci (Rental)

Exalt_Gummi_Tank_Cover_08Liter_48ci_RENTAL-1 Exalt_Gummi_Tank_Cover_08Liter_48ci_RENTAL_blauExalt_Gummi_Tank_Cover_08Liter_48ci_RENTAL_gelb Exalt_Gummi_Tank_Cover_08Liter_48ci_RENTAL_blau Exalt_Gummi_Tank_Cover_08Liter_48ci_RENTAL_gelb Exalt_steel_Series_Tank_Cover_rental_48ci_Blau Exalt_steel_Series_Tank_Cover_rental_48ci_gelb Exalt_Gummi_Tank_Cover_08Liter_48ci_RENTAL_blau Exalt_Gummi_Tank_Cover_08Liter_48ci_RENTAL_gelb
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Product description

Exalt Tank Rubber Tank Cover / Bottle Cover are made of high-quality, non-slip rubber material and ensure the bottle is optimally held in every game situation. In addition, the cover protects the sensitive bottle shell from knocks, bumps and scratches during the game and thus prevents damage to the bottle.

The cover is simply pushed over the bottle and, thanks to its rubber surface, holds firmly and securely on the body of the bottle, see also the product video.

Suitable for all standard sizes of 200 bar HP bottles. (0.8L to 1.1L 200 bar)

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