Exalt MagFed Magazine Speed Winder CF20/T15V2/TMC (black)

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Product description

Exalt MagFed Magazine Speed Winder CF20/T15V2/TMC

With the Exalt Mag Winder you can rewind your magazines at lightning speed while reducing strain on your fingers and hands. Manufactured from extremely durable polymer to reduce wear on the magazine rotary wheel and equipped with a unique one-way ratchet mechanism to wind your magazine quickly and easily.


- The two models each work for either CF20/TMC or CF20/T15V2 magazines (please select)

- Ergonomic design is suitable for wet and slippery environments

- Internal one-way ratchet mechanism allows for quick turning (like a socket wrench) of the magazine's thumb wheel

- Skeletonized, exposed interior design allows debris to be cleaned or dropped through to prevent damage or blockage.

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