Enolagaye SD75 paintball smoke bomb with detonator (orange)

Enolagaye_SD75_Paintball_Rauchbombe_mit_Reissz-nder_orange Enolagaye_Rauchbomben_Farbchart_und_Mengenausstoß
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Product description

The SD75 was also designed for technical and military purposes for training purposes, so there is enough smoke to, for example, cause a whole battalion to disappear in the fog

The manufacturer Enola-Gaye from England has been producing pyrotechnic products for paintball and airsoft/airsoft for years. Enola-Gaye became known for its smoke bombs, which are equipped with a very powerful charge and the detonator, which is very popular with many players.

Item details:

Burn time: approx. 80 s

Detonator: Detonator with ring

BAM No.: BAM-P1-0910, CE-0589, 0589-P1-0917

Weight: about 600g

Diameter: 7.5cm

Height: 17.5cm

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