Enolagaye EG18 High Output smoke grenade with detonator (white)

Enola_gaye_eg18_paintball_rauchgranate_weiss_white Enolagaye_Rauchbomben_Farbchart_und_Mengenausstoß Enolagaye_Rauchbomben_Farbchart_und_Mengenausstoß
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Product description

Enola Gaye EG18 High Output smoke grenade with detonator (white)

The Enola Gaye EG18 high output smoke grenade with detonator is a product of the English company Enola Gaye. The company has been producing pyrotechnic products for paintball sports, airsoft and software for years. It's safe to say the Enola Gaye name really got famous because of her smoke bombs. The smoke bombs are equipped with an extra powerful charge and are extremely popular with paintball players because the bombs are equipped with easy-to-use detonators.

Enola Gaye smoke grenades are designed in such a way that their smoke volume is particularly high. Another plus of the grenades is that they have an extremely low dead weight. This means that the pyrotechnic product can be thrown particularly well, perfect for providing privacy in buildings, in open spaces or in the trenches. Throwing an Enola Gaye EG18 Aussault Paintball smoke grenade creates a dense smoke screen lasting seventy seconds.

Item details:

Burn time: >70 s

Detonator: Detonator with ring

Pyrotechnic charge: about 100g

BAM No.: BAM-P1-0607, CE-0589, 0589-P1-0629

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