Dynamic Sports Gear Tippmann Smooth Bolt 2.0 (Soft Tip Bolt!)

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Product description

The latest generation of the Dynamic Sports Gear Smooth tuning bolt in version 2.0 with improved material and a more appealing black finish.

The Dynamic Sports Gear Tippmann Smooth Bolt is the first of its kind, specially developed for Tippmann markers. The bolt features an extremely soft rubber tip, making the bolt extremely gentle on paint. Even gentler than other Tippmann bolts.

Fields and trains are worked into the surface of the Dynamic Sports Gear Tippmann Smooth Bolt, which is intended to reduce surface friction to a minimum. Another side effect is that the bolt can move much more smoothly in the marker body. The rubber lip is only attached, but sits 100% firmly on the tip of the bolt. If the rubber lip is worn out or damaged, it can be easily replaced within a few seconds. Due to the rubber surface, the bolt sits airtight in the shot channel, which means that the air pressure can be directed more precisely to the paintball. This can increase the efficiency of the air by between five and ten percent.

The Dynamic Sports Gear Tippmann Smooth Bolt can be combined with a wide variety of Tippmann markers. That would be:

· Tippmann sierra One/US Army Project Salvo

· Tippman Gryphon

· Tippman X7

Tippmann Tango One

Tippmann A5

· Tippman Ft-12

· Tippman 98

Tippmann cronus

Tippmann Bravo One/US Army Alpha black

Tippman TMC

The bolt is currently delivered with a lightly glued rubber lip!

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