Dye Paintball Marker O-Ring (005 BN70 R10200092) YELLOW

DYE_Paintball_Markierer_O-RING_005_BN70_R10200092-1 DYE_Paintball_Markierer_O-RING_005_BN70_R10200092_shematic DYE_Paintball_Markierer_O-RING_005_BN70_R10200092_shematic
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Product description

Dye rubber O-ring.

Dye only uses colored O-rings for its paintball markers. The coloring makes it much easier and faster to identify the O-rings. The right O-ring for the relevant point on the bolt can always be found quickly.

Please compare the required O-rings for your marker with the user manual / operating instructions of your dye or proto marker before purchasing. You can clearly identify each O-ring based on the color and the type designation (item designation).

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