DELTA SIX V2 Aluminum Protection Shield Pro - protective shield for paintball & airsoft (black)

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Product description

The DELTA SIX V2 Aluminum Protection Shield Pro is the high-quality deluxe version of the Delta Six Protection Shields. Due to the aluminum material, this model is much more durable and stable.

It is a tactical protective shield for use in paintball and airsoft. These protective shields are becoming increasingly popular, especially in Paintball MagFed games and realistic Airsoft scenarios.

The V2 version from Delta Six offers some interesting advantages compared to the V1 version. On the one hand, the V2 shield is made of aluminum and not polycarbonate (plastic). That makes it significantly more durable. The viewing window is embedded directly into the sign by means of drilled holes. The window is additionally secured from behind with a plexiglass pane, which prevents paint splashes (spray), airsoft BBs or splinters or fragments of pyrotechnics from getting through the viewing window. The corners of the Delta Six V2 Protection Shield Pro are also slightly bevelled, which provides better protection from the side and further reduces the possible target area for the opponent.

Behind this shield your team has optimal protection when entering enemy territory. Due to the large protective surface of 90x50cm and the comfortable, padded carrying strap, the shield can also be handled with one hand without any problems and you can also work directly with a small handgun.

Product Details:

Dimensions approx. 90x50cm

Material thickness approx. 5mm

Material: aluminum

Color: Black

Window: Drilled holes and polycarbonate pane, clear

Weight: 3,850g / 3.85kg

Attention, this is a replica model made of sturdy plastic, not a real, tactical shield. For use in paintball & airsoft games only.

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