DELTA SIX MFG-ONE MagFed paintball complete package

According to the German Weapons Act, not allowed under 18 years of age.


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The new MFG-ONE from DELTA SIX is the counterpart to the Tippmann TMC when it comes to inexpensive entry into MagFed Paintball Sport. In a direct comparison, however, the Valken model is clearly ahead in terms of product features and scope of delivery. The marker comes standard with a 0.2 liter HP system (200 bar), which you would have to buy separately for the comparison model Tippmann TMC. In addition, the DELTA SIX MFG-ONE is capable of First Strike as standard, which makes it clearly superior to the TMC in terms of ammunition selection.

In this set you get everything you need to get straight into the MagFed paintball sport with the Valken MFG paintball marker. The marker comes with a total of 3 magazines with 15 shots each. In other words, you go straight into battle with 45 rounds of ammunition and can reload twice. You stow the magazines safely in the supplied vest, which also offers space for accessories such as smoke and color grenades, a radio and, if required, a 140 speed loader for additional ammunition and/or a large HP bottle. the supplied paintball mask reliably protects against hits. - Here you can select higher quality premium models for an additional charge and even upgrade your set.

Alternatively also available as MFG-One M16/M4 version with M-16 barrel and carry handle.

Scope of delivery of the DELTA SIX MFG-ONE MagFed package:

1x Valken MFG-ONE Magfed Paintball Marker (Cal. 68)

1x 0.2 liter HP system (200 bar) for the Air Stock system

3x 15 rounds Valken MFG magazine

1x Tactical Vest (please choose color)

1x paintball protective mask (please select model)

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  1. Ich bin absolut begeistert von dem Paintball-Komplettpaket! Es enthält alles, was man braucht und die Qualität ist super. Ein tolles Angebot für alle, die gerne paintball spielen.

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