DELTA SIX Max-Grip Pad Strap Upgrade (black)

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Product description

The Delta Six Max Grip Pad Strap Upgrade improves the safety and comfort of any paintball mask by increasing the contact area of the mask strap by up to 200%. This means that the band sticks to a significantly wider area at the back of the head. This ensures that the strap can practically no longer slip and it also distributes the pull of the mask strap over a larger area, which results in a much more comfortable fit.

At the same time, the Max-Grip Pad is made of padded material. This protects the back of the head from painful hits.

Due to its universal design, the Delta Six Strap Upgrade Kit is compatible with almost all paintball masks, airsoft goggles, ski goggles and everything else on the market with a normal width mask strap.

Product features of the Delta Six Max-Grip Pad Strap Upgrade:

- Increases the contact surface of the mask strap by up to 200%

- Significantly more grip / hold than with normal mask straps

- Improves the wearing comfort of each mask through better weight distribution

- Universal size, suitable for all mask models with a normal mask strap

ATTENTION - Not compatible with masks that already have wider mask straps or double straps.

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