ASG ULTRAAIR 12g Co2 lubricant cartridges

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Product description

The Ultrair cleaning and maintenance capsules make cleaning and maintaining CO2 pistols child's play. The new capsules are each filled with 0.8 g silicone oil, which means that all parts are lubricated excellently when used. Furthermore, the oil reduces friction and thus wear. This results in consistent accuracy and increased durability of all parts.

The Ultrair maintenance capsules can be used with all CO2-powered paintball and airsoft guns that use 12 g CO2 capsules.

The manufacturer recommends using a maintenance capsule after every ten normal 12g capsules.


- Filling weight per capsule: 9.5g (+/- 0.5g) CO2 + 0.8g silicone oil

- Contents: 5 capsules

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