PowAir Airsoft HPA Adapter Kit for Remote Systems (KWA / KSC) - US Version

PowAir_Airsoft_HPA_Adapter_Kit_Luftanschluss_schwarz_KWA PowAir_Airsoft_HPA_Adapter_KWA_KSC_Verpackung
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Product description

HPA connection for KWA / KSC Airsoft weapons, fit for all PowAir remote systems / high-pressure hoses.

With this system you can finally use the very flexible and high-quality PowAir remote hoses in airsoft sports. Simply screw the remote system onto the low-pressure regulator of your HPA system, swap the standard paintball ASA adapter for the HPA adapter kit for airsoft guns. Your PowAir remote system already fits all HPA compatible KWA / KSC airsoft guns.

On request, the PowAir remote systems are also available as a complete HPA version including an adapter for a complete set price.

Product Details of Powair HPA Adapter Kit (KWA / KSC):

- Suitable for all PowAir remote systems with standard ASA adapter (except Quick-Start Remote System)

- HPA connector for KWA / KSC Airsoft guns

- High quality

- Black matte finish

- Delivery quantity: 1 adapter in a high-quality, printed zipper bag

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