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Your HK Army Paintball Onlineshop – Paintball Sports
Monday September 6, 2021

You can get HK Army paintball products right here!

As one of the leading suppliers of paintball sports equipment, we of course also have all the big brands in our range. One of these top brands that has stood the test of time is HK Army from the USA. The HK range is constantly being expanded with new, innovative products and offers the player from A to Z everything you need for the sport. HK offers such an extensive product portfolio that it would theoretically be possible to equip yourself exclusively with this brand from head to toe without missing anything on the field. Exactly this scope of the HK range was reason enough for us to report to you in today's blog post about everything that HK has to offer and how large and extensive the HK Army product range actually is. Let's start with the most important products.

HK Army Paintball Marker – Co-branding is used here

With the SABR entry-level marker, HK Army now also produces its own inexpensive paintball marker, but otherwise has had little interest in its own markers. There were always HK Army paintball markers, but these were usually created as so-called co-branding. HK bought existing models from well-known manufacturers and gave them their own name and their own HK Army marker design. These designs were generally a bit fresher and more aggressive than the standard model variants. – Just like the HK Army brand itself. There were even HK Army CS2 markers, HK Army Shocker and the high-end brand DLX Luxe entered into a deal with HK and launched the HK Army Luxe X A51.

HK Army Paintball Masks – There is something for everyone here

HK's triumphal march began with paintball masks. The KLR mask was the first real in-house development by HK and immediately impressed with its look, comfort and the image of the HK brand. So it was only logical that numerous pro teams worldwide played the HK Army KLR mask at the time.

Today, HK Army is much broader in the field of paintball masks. With the HSTL there is an inexpensive entry-level paintball mask with thermal glass and with the HK Army SLR there is also a brand new high-end model for tournament sports. The HK Army mask range is finally complete.

The HK Army TFX Paintball Hopper – The 3rd generation is in the starting blocks!

A few years ago, HK Army entered the hopper market with the TFX Loader. Although the TFX was never really able to rise to the top brands in this range such as Dye and Virtue, the HK Army TFX3 Paintball Loader has now made it into the third generation. At around 250 euros, this model is anything but inexpensive and so HK will probably have to wait for its big breakthrough in the paintball loader market.

HK Army Battlepacks – No one offers more choice

When it comes to battlepacks, HK Army has been one of the leading brands worldwide for years. In the meantime, there are not only different model variants for almost all price ranges, but also the choice of colors exceeds that of all other market participants. Just for fun, we counted them ourselves and found over 50 different colors and models of HK Army Paintball Battlepacks in our range alone. – Simply WOW!

HK Army conquers the market for barrel systems – full LAZR…

With the HK Army LAZR Barrel Kit, the US boys are finally attacking the area for high-quality paintball barrel systems after many years. They haven't reinvented the wheel, but they have expanded directly into the upper segment and launched a direct attack on the previous top dog, the Smart Parts / GOG Freak System, with their product, the HK Army LAZR running system. We are curious whether the visually more appealing, but unfortunately also a good deal more expensive, HK Army variant will prevail.

What else is there from HK Army?

The list is almost final. Starting with paintball pants and jerseys, gloves and numerous accessories such as tank covers, barrel cleaners, headbands, pots and much more are on the list at HK. These products have everything in common with the rest of the range. – They all look extremely good and stylish, just HK Army. We will definitely remain loyal to HK and continue to offer the latest HK Army products to all HK fans among our customers in the future. Be curious what we will see in the coming weeks, months and years. One thing is for sure, with HK Army it never gets boring and there is still a lot of potential in this brand for the future.

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