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X-Days Paintball Fair at Paint Xtreme & Magfed.de
Monday November 19, 2018

The X-Days – Germany's largest paintball fair

Year after year , the large X-Days paintball fair takes place in tranquil Waldems im Taunus.

Organizer and Paint Xtreme boss Lars Herzig always invites you to this event on the first weekend in December. Year after year, around 1,000 paintball enthusiasts from all over Germany travel to the central German province to see what's new in the scene , meet old friends again and get a taste of paintball away from the game.

X-Days has been around for over 10 years now and the event has grown steadily. Due to the spatial restrictions on site, however, the event has reached its capacity limits for several years and is therefore always fully booked.

Stand after stand and exhibitor after exhibitor on site. In between, paintball players from all over the Federal Republic crowd for 2 days in search of bargains and the latest stuff.

Free entry to Germany's largest paintball fair!

How it works? – Very simple, you just have to go there…

As an event from the scene, the X-Days are basically free for the scene, i.e. you don't have to pay an entrance fee.

Cheap shopping on the X-days – this is how you can really save!

If you want to upgrade your equipment at the end of the year and are looking for a real snapper price , you will get your money's worth on site. As already mentioned, the organizer offers free entry, but you can buy so-called silver, gold and platinum tickets. These have a slightly higher entrance fee, for which you then get a whopping discount of up to 15% on paintball equipment at all stands.

Simply show your admission ticket and you will receive a special price on your new paintball equipment directly at the stand.

In addition, there are always auctions from 1 euro that are promoted on stage and of course a big raffle with great prizes. There really is something for everyone in terms of offers and entertainment.

X-Days Paintball Fair – Powered by Paint Xtreme and Magfed.de

The X-Days are organized by Lars Herzig, the owner of the paintball online shops Paint-Xtreme and Magfed.de . What originally started as an in-house event has gradually blossomed into the largest trade fair for paintball equipment in Germany and is firmly established.

The paintball shop Paint Xtreme is one of the oldest paintball shops in Germany, as many of you know for sure. The comparatively small shop in Waldems is the base for the web shops of the two brands Paint Xtreme and Magfed.de

The MagFed.de paintball online shop was only founded in 2017 and has the MagFed paintball market as its target group. Here the brands First Strike , Tippmann , Milsig and other magazine-based paintball markers are put in the foreground and marketed. Just a paintball online shop for MagFed players.

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