Carrying strap for paintball markers - what should you consider?

The strap makes it easier for the player to lead the paintball marker in the field. Most big game players will know the problem, anyone who has ever spent several hours on the field will eventually get long arms, because even a very small and light paintball marker with only 2-3 kg of its own weight will eventually feel extremely heavy. This is where the sling comes into play, it distributes the weight of the weapon across the shoulders and equipment of the wearer. So you can let the marker dangle comfortably in front of your chest during breaks in combat and marching from one position to the next and still have it ready to hand when needed.

Which shoulder strap models are there and what are the differences?

A distinction is usually made between straps based on the breakpoints or adjustment points. There are 1-point, 2-point and 3-point straps:

  • 1-point slings are the simplest type. They consist of a simple loop that goes around the neck and has a hook or carabiner at the end to attach to the marker. The marker can be carried like a shoulder bag.

  • 2-point slings have a similar structure to the 1-point carrying straps, except that they are also adjustable in length. This makes it possible to carry the marker closer to the body or to move the carrying strap further to improve the handling of long guns.

  • 3-point slings are also referred to as 3-point carrying straps . They are the most elaborate and popular models, both among paintball players and in practice among the military. The 3-point carrying straps have various adjustment options for adjusting the length of the carrying strap. They also have a quick release, which allows you to switch between a short hold (close-fitting weapon) and a long hold (wide carrying strap for optimal freedom of movement) at the push of a button.

What is the best way to attach a carrying strap to my paintball marker?

Most tactical markers are based on real weapons. These usually have so-called sling mount devices for attaching carrying straps as standard. Depending on the model, the attachment points are located on the rear and front housing area of the weapon or in the area of the buttstock. The holding points can be seen as holes or eyelets into which the quick-release fastener of the carrying strap can be hooked. If the marker does not have a mounting device or if you want to move the breakpoint, there are so-called sling mounts . These are hooks and eyes that can be attached to all 20mm Weaverrails on the marker housing using a rail. The market leaders in this area are the Magpul and Milsig brands. Magpul Rail Slings are particularly flat and stable. This also makes them a very popular product for the military worldwide.