3-Point Combat Sling (FG Camo)

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Product description

The MS3 carrying straps are made of the highest quality materials.

This shoulder strap model is unparalleled in terms of quality and workmanship and also has a few interesting features.

The entire belt is made of a special material that can easily withstand even the highest loads. The buckles are made of metal and have a special Magpul-specific hook system that allows the eyelets to be opened and closed quickly and prevents the weapon from accidentally slipping out. In addition, each hook can be secured with a safety device to prevent accidental opening.

The strap itself is designed as a 3-point carrying strap and the length can be individually adjusted to the user. The special feature of the MS3 carrying strap is that it can be converted into a 1-point carrying strap with an adjustable length by hooking in one of the two hooks (see additional images). This means that the MS3 carrying strap is both a 3-point and a 1-point carrying strap.

Available in different camouflage patterns.

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