Pyrotechnics for paintball and airsoft sports

With us you get a large selection of different pyrotechnic effects for use in paintball and airsoft. Our fireworks items are not only ideal for the sporting and playful aspect, but are also widely used by the military and security services for training simulations.

So if you like to work in the scenario area and value authenticity in your games, then our pyrotechnics will provide the necessary effect. Smoke grenades/bombs are used especially in big games and are part of the strategy for many teams.

The following models are particularly popular:

Of course, we attach great importance to safety with all the products we sell, which is why you only receive CE and BAM- tested articles with German approval from us. Guaranteed safe and always fresh from specialist retailers.

What should I look out for when buying pyrotechnics and fireworks?

The most important point when dealing with pyrotechnics, whether for paintball sports, in airsoft or for training purposes, is safety. When buying, always pay attention to the CE mark and in Germany especially to the BAM mark of the items offered. Only then is the use of the products permissible and safe for the user. All of the products we offer have CE certification for the entire European market, as well as the BAM certificate from the German Federal Office for Materials Testing. This always guarantees you the greatest possible quality and safety when purchasing our products.

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