Paintball grenades - A special effect

There are different manufacturers in the field of paintball color grenades . Probably the best-known paintball grenade on the market is that of Tippmann. It all started back then with the Squadbuster Grenade, an elastic rubber tube filled with paint. By hitting the ground, this model deploys and spreads its color fill in a radius of approximately 3 meters in all directions.

Tippmann Big Boy – Proven model for woodland games

After that came the Tippmann Big Boy and Big Boy II . Both are characterized by a very large, luminous color fill. The first Big Boy I was still very colorful and looked more like a toy. With the Big Boy 2, Tippmann deliberately opted for a military look again and used an olive tube with a safety pin and rocker arm. This model is one of the most popular among woodland players and has been tried and tested on many fields for years.

Pyrotechnic color grenades

The latest step in the development of paintball paint grenades are the so-called pyrotechnic paint grenades . These have a small explosive charge, similar to that of a Silverster firecracker, which is handled like ordinary fireworks. There are pyrotechnics for paintball and airsoft as color grenades, frag grenades, smoke bombs and with powder filling for a wide variety of applications.

Particularly popular items at Paintball Sports:

Proven technique - Train as you fight!

The military, private security services and training centers around the world are also increasingly relying on the color and smoke grenades we offer. The material has more than proven itself in practice and offers the opportunity to train professionally and realistically in a wide variety of applications.

For example, for cost reasons, real practice grenades are no longer used in a wide variety of practice scenarios such as house-to-house combat, hostage rescue and field exercises, but training is carried out with such practice hand grenades from the paintball and airsoft sectors. Here you get the same training effect in a cheaper and still safe product.

Where can I buy and order paintball & airsoft grenades?

The products we offer are only available from specialist retailers (i.e. from Paintball Sports). We do not pass anything on to our customers that we have not already tested in practice and found to be suitable. There are different manufacturers and brands for this type of product worldwide, it is important to pay attention to quality, freshness due to short storage times and good product advice in order not to make any mistakes both when buying and when using it later.

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