WE P226 Mk25 Navy Seals GBB Airsoft Pistol (Black)

According to the German Weapons Act, not allowed under 18 years of age.
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Product description

WE is one of the most experienced GBB airsoft replica producers and manufacturers in the market. Their goal is to provide high quality products at an affordable price. WE's product offering includes a wide range of the most popular tactical handguns and even state-of-the-art custom pistols for the most demanding users.

The WE P226 Mk25 Navy Seals is an all-metal, semi-automatic replica of one of the most well-known military and law enforcement pistols. It has a decocking lever and a double/single trigger.

The outer construction is almost entirely made of metal - only the grip plates are made of plastic. The movable slide and the strong blowback system offer the user a very realistic experience.

WE delivers high quality internals that ensure long life and the precision of every shot. In conjunction with the built-in metal inner barrel, the P226 Mk25 achieves a very good shot pattern and with 0.20 BBs an output of up to 0.95 joules.


Hop Up: Adjustable

Firing Mode: Semi-Auto

Magazine capacity: 26 rounds

Length: 196mm

Inner barrel length: 97 mm

Thread: WE / Socom Gear

Caliber: 6mm

Weight: 870g

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