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We explain the Hammerhead barrels to you
Friday March 16, 2018

Hammerhead paintball barrels can be bought at Paintball Sports

We have been one of the largest Hammerhead paintball shops in Germany for years. With us you get the entire range including all accessories and innovations for the well-known barrel manufacturer from the USA.

No other manufacturer of paintball tuning barrels has had comparable growth in recent years. The success of the Hammerhead brand is clearly due to the quality of their products. In terms of material, workmanship and design, hardly any other manufacturer can hold a candle to Hammerhead.

Hammerhead barrels – high precision thanks to twisted slides & fields

We're often asked what makes Hammerhead paintball barrels so good and if they really are as accurate as everyone says they are. – We can answer this question with a resounding YES. It is not for nothing that Hammerhead barrels have been among our absolute bestsellers in the field of tactical precision barrels for over 10 years. Especially snipers and players of long guns like to use these barrels.

The trains and fields are special. You often hear that it makes little sense to add a twist to a round, ballistic paintball ball, but that is not entirely correct. A paintball is made of a hard yet flexible material. This means that it is deformed by the acceleration forces that occur when it is launched and therefore briefly assumes the shape of a football rather than that of a sphere. The moves and fields contained in the barrel then grab into the shell of the paintball and set it in rotation. This ensures that the ball rotates around its own speed at a higher speed and thus stabilizes itself in flight.

A short Hammerhead barrel is just as accurate as a smooth, long barrel…

Practice has shown that Hammerhead barrels not only allow you to achieve greater precision , but also de facto make your marker setup much shorter. Due to the increased precision of the barrels, you can easily choose a shorter setup with a Hammerhead barrel for games at short or medium distances and still have the same accuracy in the shot pattern as with a smooth barrel that is significantly longer.

For comparison, one can say that, for example, a Hammerhead Shark Tooth barrel with a length of approx. 9" shoots just as precisely as a smooth standard barrel with a length of 14-16 inches. This is a decisive advantage, especially in the CQB area .

With Hammerhead barrels, ammunition is crucial.

The best barrel is only as good as the bullet you use. If you are willing to pay around 100 euros for a Hammerhead barrel, you should not save on ammunition afterwards. If you buy a box of paintballs for 25-30 euros, then you have to reckon with a corresponding shot pattern. We recommend using a good beginner's paint or paintballs in the premium range around 45-55 euros for the Hammerhead barrels . Then you definitely get the maximum out of your Hammerhead run.

When buying the paintball for hammerhead runs, you should definitely make sure that the shell is not too soft or brittle. A medium-firm shell is optimal . The trains and fields and the centrifugal forces occurring during rotation in the barrel would, with high probability, cause a very brittle tournament ball to burst.

A recommendation from us would be Artlife Commander or GI 3 Star Paint. First Strike Paintballs are also great for Hammerhead runs. Special barrels with a .684 bore were even made for this purpose, which were developed exclusively for First Strike Paintballs.

Hammerhead vs. Freak barrels – the absolute non-plus-ultra!

If you want, you can go one step further in terms of performance. The combination of a precise Hammerhead barrel with the particularly effective acceleration of a Smart Parts Freak Set results in enormous possibilities in terms of performance and precision. This is made possible by the so-called Hammerhead Freak Adapter. This is the link between Smart Parts Freak Back and Hammerhead barrel. He makes both a very effective unit. With the combination of Freak Back, HH Freak Adapter and Hammerhead barrel, almost any barrel length between 14" and 23" can be assembled. This makes these barrels usable on almost all marker models.

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