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We are looking for photographers, videographers and youtubers!
Thursday March 10, 2022

Become an official Paintball Sports Media Partner now!

Paintball is your absolute favorite hobby? Are you familiar with products, teams or the game itself? If you can answer these questions with YES and are also active on social media , like to take photos, or run your own blog or YouTube channel on the topic of paintball , then we want to work with you. Become an official Paintball Sports Media partner now and benefit from numerous goodies, discounts and benefits, including financial support for your project or channel.

What exactly is a Paintball Sports Media Affiliate?

In principle, we are looking for people who are active in the scene and enjoy bringing paintball to the public. Those who regularly report on our sport usually do so out of their own interest and as part of their private hobbies. Here and there there is small financial support from teams and fields if you accompany them with the camera for a day, but in the long run the job of the paintball influencer is not only rocky, but unfortunately also not very lucrative.

Here at Paintball Sports we want to bring about a bit of change. We would like to support you in your work, because you also support the sport with your work. We all want the sport of paintball to continue to grow and develop positively in the future. For this we are dependent on the help of each individual. We appreciate the hard work of the many paintball photographers , paintball youtubers and paintball bloggers all over Germany and would like to give something back with our Paintball Sports Media Partner Program .

Your benefits as a Paintball Sports Media Partner at a glance

So that you can continue to pursue your hobby as a paintball photographer or videographer with fun and full commitment in the future, we would first like to equip you a little better. As a Paintball Sports Media Partner, you will not only receive a free outfit from us, but also a complete merchandise package. At the start of our joint partnership, these things will be made available to you free of charge and of course you can keep them if you don't feel like taking any more photos or videos.

In order to give you a proper welcome as a new Paintball Sports Media partner, we will send you a complete set of equipment right from the start. This includes, among other things, the following things.

The Paintball Sports Media Partner Jersey – exclusively for you!

We will make your own media jersey for you. A unique (not quite, because you get 2 pieces from us!) paintball jersey in your own personal design and with your logo and the official logo of the Paintball Sports Media Partner. It doesn't matter whether you are at home in the woodland and scenario area or take pictures of the supair teams at the DPL. Our graphics department will work with you to create your very own Paintball Sports Media Partner Jersey.

Paintball Sports Merchandise 4free

Of course we will also equip you with our paintball sports promo material. You will receive bracelets, key rings, patches, a hat for cold days and a cool paintball sports bag to store your equipment. You will also receive the comfortable Paintball Sports Camping Chair with cup holder so that you can sit properly at the events and enjoy the breaks.

Free tickets and VIP media admission to many partner events

As one of the largest paintball shops in German-speaking countries, we are of course well connected and know most of the organizers of leagues and events, as well as numerous field operators. We use our contacts to get the best out of you as an official Paintball Sports Media Partner. Be it free entry, VIP tickets or special or exclusive rights. Whatever goes, you get it from us. We want you to be able to do your work even better, for the best possible result and many more great pictures and videos for the scene.

We offer you an additional financial income!

As part of our affiliate program ( LINK to the program ) you can have your social media posts monetized profitably. Registration only takes a few minutes and is of course free of charge for you. A simple link is set that leads to our shop. If one of your followers then buys something from us, you will receive a 5% commission on this purchase. This commission will be transferred and paid to you in cash. Your chance to earn real money with your work as a paintball photographer or paintball videographer.

Your content in Paintballsports Magazine

We also depend on high-quality content such as images, reports and videos (to link via QR code) for the creation of our Paintballsports Magazine. So if you would like to present your pictures or videos to the general public in the scene, then we look forward to working with you. All photographers are named in the magazine and we are also happy to link high-quality videos via QR code in the magazine to draw even more attention to your video stream channel. If you are one of the few people who can also write attractively, with a bit of luck you can even immortalize yourself with your own contribution or a column in the magazine. Please contact us if you are interested.

We promote you – hand in hand…

Of course you will also receive media support from us. We repost your picture galleries and videos on our social media channels and thus ensure even more attention for your pictures and videos.

It's that easy to become a Paintball Sports Media Partner

Free stuff, event tickets, your own jersey and the chance of an additional income as a paintball photographer? – That sounds too good to be true? Don't worry, it's true. However, these things are of course linked to a few small considerations.

As a Paintball Sports Media Partner, you will of course also appear under the Paintball Sports label. Say you wear our logo on your equipment and we also expect that we will be named as a partner shop when publishing your contributions (photos, videos, blog posts, etc.). One hand washes the other, you know that. We support you, you support us. In the end, as a paintball sports media partner, you should work with us on an equal footing and with a good feeling, because this is the only way to successfully create long-term partnerships.

If we have aroused your interest, please contact us. You can send us a short email via our contact form ( subject: Paintball Sports Media Partner ). Please introduce yourself in the email and tell us something about your social media work in the German paintball scene. Links to your channel or your blog or your homepage are always welcome.

We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you as a new Paintball Sports Media Partner.

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