Virtue Breakout Elbowpads / Paintball Elbow Pads (black)

Virtue_Breakout_Elbowpads_Paintball_Ellenbogenschoner-4 Virtue_Breakout_Elbowpads_Paintball_Ellenbogenschoner_details Virtue_Breakout_Elbowpads_Paintball_Ellenbogenschoner_details
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Product description

The new Virtue Breakout Panitball elbow pads convince with high-quality workmanship, a breathable material and their very low weight, which is up to 30% of what comparable elbow pads from other well-known manufacturers weigh.

Product details of the Virtue Breakout Elbow Pads:

- Up to 30% lighter than comparable competitor products

- Very stable, breathable material.

- high-quality 3D EVA padding

- Soft, skin-friendly inner layer

- Padded stretch zones

- Slim, flexible design

- Integrated glove with padded palms