Victoptics 1-4x20 Zoom Sniper Sight (20mm)

Victoptics_1_4x20_Zoom_Scharfschuetzen_Visier_20mm-jpg Victoptics_1_4x20_Zoom_Scharfschuetzen_Visier_20mm_back.jpg Victoptics_1_4x20_Zoom_Scharfschuetzen_Visier_20mm_front.jpg Victoptics_1_4x20_Zoom_Scharfschuetzen_Visier_20mm_side.jpg
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Product description

Victoptics 1-4x20 Zoom Sniper Sight (20mm)


-25.4mm 1″ monotube

-Fully multi-coated

-VMD-2 Mil & Range Reticle

-Lever for adjusting the zoom

-Long Eye Relief

-Compact and lightweight

-Magnification: 1-4x

-Shock tested up to 500 g

-Water resistant

-Weight (net): 315 g

Delivery includes mounting rings.

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