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Valken Identity paintball thermal mask
Friday July 15, 2016


With the Identity, Valken has launched a new paintball thermal mask. The official successor to the popular Sly Profit. A few years ago, Sly was bought by Valken and since then has only been producing new mask models under the new label.

Valken Identity – the features

The Valken Identity is already equipped with a flexible frame as standard, which alone promises first-class wearing comfort. Combined with a thermal glass, this paintball mask guarantees never to fog up again, even when the paintball gets really hot. The ventilation inside the mask is significantly improved. Of course, it is also practical that the Valken Identity can be combined with the old Sly Profit mask glasses. So if you can still call an old Sly Profit your own, you will be able to switch seamlessly with the Valken Identity. You also save money because you don't necessarily have to buy new glasses.

Changing the lenses is uncomplicated because the Valken Identity has a so-called quick-change system. Despite the three-layer mask foam, the acoustics inside the mask are first class. You really understand every word. It's just a pity that the Valken Identity is currently only available in five colors, but we hope that more colors will follow. You want to buy the Valken Identity, then click here.

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