Valken Fate GFX 4+3 Paintball Battlepack (Digi Blue Camo)

Valken_Fate_GFX_digi_blue_camo Valken_Fate_GFX_4_3_Paintball_Battlepack_detail Valken_Fate_GFX_4_3_Paintball_Battlepack_back Valken_Fate_GFX_4_3_Paintball_Battlepack_pod Valken_Fate_GFX_4_3_Paintball_Battlepack_detail Valken_Fate_GFX_4_3_Paintball_Battlepack_back Valken_Fate_GFX_4_3_Paintball_Battlepack_pod
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Product description

Valken Fate GFX 4+3 Paintball Battlepack (Hawaiian Orange)

The Valken Fate GFX Battlepack is lightweight, comfortable and packed with features at an amazing price. It offers a capacity of 4 main pod pockets and 3 additional loops and an adjustable comfort belt. Available in 5 unique sublimated designs suitable for every gamer!


- Very light battlepack

- 4 + 3 pod capacity (pods not included)

- Adjustable comfort belt system

- Available in 5 designs

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