TSP ONERO Charging Handle for First Strike T15

TSP_ONERO_Charging_Handle_fuer_First_Strike_T15 TSP_ONERO_Charging_Handle_fuer_First_Strike_T15_bottom TSP_ONERO_Charging_Handle_fuer_First_Strike_T15_top TSP_ONERO_Charging_Handle_fuer_First_Strike_T15_mount TSP_ONERO_Charging_Handle_fuer_First_Strike_T15_top_mount
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Product description

TSP ONERO Charging Handle for First Strike T15

The Charging Handle ONERO is a great addition to your First Strike T15 for charging on both sides without any problems. It consists of 6 parts, all individually machined from a solid block of 7075 aluminum and treated like all TSP products with a particularly durable surface finish. The supplied spring is slightly stronger and ensures a better feel and a firmer fit of the ONERO. The arms were designed to be interchangeable, from a design by TSP (exchangeable arms as a product to follow...) or with a self-made 3D print.

Again, everything is 100% Made in Germany.

Features of the TSP ONERO:

- Larger arms for easier gripping

- Operate on both sides

- Stronger spring for a firmer fit and feel

- Interchangeable arms

- 7075 aluminum

- Hard anodized HARD COAT®

- 100% Made in Germany

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