Tippmann TPX Universal Parts Kit (T220105)

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Product description

Tippmann TPX Universal Parts Kit with all important seals and spare parts for a quick repair. The set includes: (1) Receiver Screw (Short) (1) Regulator/Air Valve/Puncture Valve O-ring (1) Air Valve O-Ring (Large) (2) Firing Valve O-Ring (1) Front Bolt O -Ring (1) Air Valve O-Ring (1) Puncture Valve O-Ring (1) Gas Line/Air Fitting O-Ring (1) Barrel Adapter O-Ring (1) Front Bolt Buffer O-Ring (1) Co2 Cap O-Ring (1) Regulator Piston O-Ring (1) Pressure Bleeder O-Ring (1) Ball Latch (1) Puncture Pin (1) 12 Gram Puncture Seal (1) Puncture Pin Cap (1) Receiver Nut (1 )Breech Window (1)Air Fitting Screw (1)Regulator Pin

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