Tippmann TPX / TiPX Remote Air Adapter (T220106)

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Product description

Tippmann TPX Remote Air Adapter for connecting a remote system to the Tippmann TPX. You will definitely never run out of air again, with the Remot Air Adapter you can supply the TPX with air via a Mamba system, and the bottle can be carried comfortably on your back. This saves the annoying and costly changing of Co2 capsules.

ATTENTION - The brass adapter that is installed inside the TPX is no longer included in this article. Tippmann already revised the TPX pistol in 2012 so that the adapter is no longer required. If you have an older TPXY model, Tippmann Europe will send you a replacement valve for your marker if required. Please contact Tippmann directly to obtain this replacement part.

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