Buy Paintball Speedloader & Pots at Paintball Sports

The selection of pods and speedloaders in the paintball area is almost finite. Nevertheless, there are also numerous, subtle differences that players should take into account. Be it the choice of the manufacturer, the processing and the material used, or the size of the pots.

The top manufacturers in this area are the brands Dye, Proto and Virtue. All three have developed their own pod designs over the years, which bring one or the other advantage for the player and differ significantly from the regular 100 Speedloader or 140 pod.

Dye was the first manufacturer to turn standard pods into a premium product. They created the Dye LocLid Pod. Not only is this much more stable than all other models on the market, it also holds more paintballs. As a highlight, the Loclid Pods have a flip-top lid that pops open automatically with a simple push of a button. The player no longer needs to open the sluggish lid, but potting can be done easily at the touch of a button. A real advantage in the game and a true innovation in the field of paintball pots.

A few years later, Virtue also created a very compact reloading system with the Press Flick Pods that can hold the same amount of paint with significantly smaller pots. A Virtue Prss Flick Pott the size of a regular 140 Speeldoader holds, for example, a whopping 165 paintball balls. This gives the player a decisive advantage in the game, as he has almost 20% more paint than opponents who use normal pots.

Paintball Pods for Woodland & Scenario players

Special speedloaders have also been developed for the tactical area. The special features of these models are, for example, the size, so there are special 50 speed loaders for MagFed paintball players. Other pots have a special camouflage color or paint to better hide the player in the field. Of course, as a well-stocked paintball shop, we offer the customer the full range of options and deliver paintball speedloaders in all colors and sizes.

Transporting Speedloaders & Pods - Tips & Tricks for Tournament Players and Teams

We are often asked how best to transport and handle the pods. From our own experience, we have a few simple tips for paintball tournaments. Beer crates (20x 0.5L), for example, are suitable for transport, in which there is space for exactly 20 Speedlaoders of all sizes. The stable construction protects the pots during transport, so it is possible to safely transport full pots from the last training session or the last league match day. Another advantage during transport is that the beverage crates can be stacked quickly, easily and securely on top of each other.

On the playing field we recommend a pot sack to collect the empty pots. This can simply be hung around your neck and you simply throw the collected speedloaders in to clean them in the pit box and refill them. If you like it a little more comfortable, you can use premium pot bags such as the Exalt Pod Bin. This has a rigid framework and a large opening to collect the pots even faster and easier.

How do I clean dirty paintball pods quickly and reliably?

Proper cleaning of the pots is very important. Remains of shell, paint or other dirt can not only clog the hopper, but also damage the inside of the paintball marker. Therefore, the pots should always be thoroughly cleaned. A so-called pod sheep is recommended for this purpose. This is basically a large barrel cleaner with the diameter of a pod. The soft slats of the pod swab reliably absorb dirt and shell residue and make the speedloader immediately ready for use again.