Dynamic Sports Gear CR Trigger / Trigger for Tippmann TPX/TiPX (black)

Dynamic_Sports_Gear_Tippmann_TiPX_CR_Trigger Dynamic_Sports_Gear_Tippmann_TiPX_CR_Trigger_seite Dynamic_Sports_Gear_Tippmann_TiPX_CR_Trigger_seite_verbaut Dynamic_Sports_Gear_Tippmann_TiPX_CR_Trigger_verpackung
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Product description

The wait is over, the Dynamic Sports Gear CR (Combat Ready) tuning trigger is now finally available for the Tippmann TPX / TiPX paintball pistol!

The DSG Combat Trigger offers maximum trigger performance and an attractive look. This makes it the perfect tuning part for all TPX markers.

The straight surface of the trigger provides the perfect angle and pressure point when pulling the trigger. At the same time, the ergonomic surface with the rounded edges on the sides ensures a pleasant feeling on the finger. The horizontally embedded transverse grooves ensure maximum grip without slipping, with every single shot.

Get even more performance and fun with your Tippmann TPX paintball gun by installing the new Dynamic Sports Gear Combat Trigger.

Product details of the Dynamic Sports Gear Tippmann TPX CR trigger:

- Ergonomically shaped surface for a precise but pleasant trigger feeling

- Straight design for maximum response when shooting

- Embedded transverse grooves for maximum grip with every shot

- Solid yet lightweight aluminum construction

- black matt combat ready finish

- Suitable for all Tippmann TPX / TiX paintball markers

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