Tippmann Sniper Gloves Tactical Gloves (black)

Tippmann_Sniper_Gloves_Tactical_Handschuhe_schwarz Tippmann_Sniper_Gloves_Tactical_Handschuhe_schwarz_innen
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Product description

The Tippmann Sniper Gloves are the direct successors of the popular BT Sniper Gloves. Only the design has been slightly adjusted and the brand has changed.

These gloves offer reliable protection and comfort for all Woodland & Scenario players. They are robust and offer excellent value for money.

Product details of the Tippmann Sniper Gloves:

- Lightweight, breathable material

- Rubberized fingertips for more trigger feel

- Wrist cuff with Velcro

- Tippman design

- Very good value for money

- Available in sizes S, M, L and XL

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