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Tippmann Paintballs – Best quality for your marker
Friday December 15, 2017

Tippmann Paintballs – Specially developed for Tippmann paintball markers.

The Tippmann brand has been one of the best-known names in the paintball industry since the mid-1990s. No other manufacturer has sold more paintball markers than Tippmann in the last 25 to 30 years. Almost every newcomer who has ever borrowed a paintball gun on a field had either a Tippmann 98 or a Tippmann FT-12 in their hands.

Tippmann has also been producing paintball balls for some time now. These were specially tailored to the needs of Tippmann paintball markers . The shell is a bit harder, so that the rough mechanics of the Tippmann Blowback models can deal with it without any problems. For the gentler markers, such as the Tippmann X7 Phenom, Stryker and Crossover, there are the Tippmann Strategic Premium Paintballs. These have a slightly more brittle shell and a thicker filling. Quasi the premium paintballs from Tippmann. However, these can usually only be found at tournaments and events where Tippmann is a sponsor.

Tippmann Combat Paintballs – Inexpensive paintballs for your Tippmann marker

The Tippmann Combat Paintballs are delivered in a beige-green box, which is more designed for woodland and scenario paintballers. It contains 2000 paint balls with a rather solid shell that can be easily fired in all Tippmann markers. This paint is guaranteed not to break while running, but only on the opponent.

Tippmann Combat Paintballs are Tippmann's entry-level paintballs. They are good and cheap, and therefore popular.

Tippmann Strategic Paintballs – Premium paintballs for events

This paint is usually hardly found in free trade. The Tippmann Strategic Paintballs from the Tippmann brand have been specially created for tournaments and events where Tippmann is a sponsor and provides the paintballs. The quality of this paint is significantly better than the Tippmann Combat. The shell is more brittle, the filling is richer and the flight behavior convinces even the last doubter that we are clearly talking about a premium paint.

In good weather around 20 degrees or more, you can easily shoot these paintballs in all marker models. When it gets cooler, the marker should be a little gentler on the paint, otherwise it may burst.

Of course we offer you all varieties of the popular Tippmann paintballs in our large paintball online shop. We have Europe's largest selection of paintball balls, so of course the Tippmann brand should not be missing.

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