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The Push Unite Paintball Mask – A detailed report
Tuesday February 26, 2019

innovation & design

The Push Unite paintball mask

The manufacturer Push has been one of the main topics of conversation in the field of paintball masks for the past year. The Push Unite mask was released practically out of nowhere, and it still sets standards in terms of product features, workmanship and innovation to this day.

Push announced new color variants at the turn of the year. That's why we want to use this article to present the new colors to all Push fans and to show everyone who may not yet know the Push Unite mask what this good piece can do.

What strikes many players who come into contact with the Push Unite mask for the very first time is – the price. Here there is usually a startled "Oh, so expensive?" listen. The model is certainly not a bargain with its price of up to €219.95, but players who are not deterred by the high price will get a lot on offer.

In addition to the numerous, very innovative features that the Push Unite mask brings with it, a 3D hard case is also included. What many buyers ignore is that such a mask case as an accessory already costs 35-40 euros. This puts the actual price of the mask into perspective quite quickly.

But now we come to what really makes the mask special, namely the numerous advantages over other models.

1. Adjustable frame/mask foam

The wing can be screwed backwards or forwards on the nose using a small Allen key. Many players with a large or broad nose know the oppressive feeling of the mask foam. With the Push Unite you can adjust the position of the foam to suit your own needs.

2. Magnetic chin strap

The Push Unite is the first mask to have a self-closing chin strap with a magnetic closure. Simply bring the two ends together and the system will snap into place independently and securely. But the best part is that you can undo the strap with just one hand. Almost every tournament player knows the feeling of suffocating under your mask after a long, hard point in the scorching heat. But how do I get that thing off my head while I still have my marker in my hand, possibly carrying a few pots or something like that? So far, it has not been possible to remove a closed mask with just one hand. Push finally makes it possible.

There are also other small improvements, such as revised acoustics, a large, flexible mask frame, soft ear pads, under which you can still hear very well, and a small edge above the glass, which the manufacturer calls "Reflection Bridge". This prevents sunlight coming from above from being reflected in the glass and ensures a crystal-clear view of the target.

There are nine fresh color combinations to choose from for the 2019 season. In total, the player can now choose between 20 color combinations. Starting with plain black, up to camouflage colors for almost every common terrain, there is something for everyone.

Now that the mask has been in our range for about a year and we have already sent hundreds of masks to satisfied end customers and dealers through our status as a German distributor for the Push brand, we can draw a consistently positive conclusion. The Push Unite mask clearly delivers what it promises. You can certainly still argue and discuss the price, but here too the feedback from our customers is clear. The processing of the product as well as the innovative novelties are worth it in the end.

Some of the new color combinations of the Push Unite mask will already be available from us from January 2019. The rest of the new collection is expected in February, so you can hit the pitch in time for the season with your new push mask.

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