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The paintball season 2017
Wednesday January 18, 2017

The paintball season 2017 is about to start. Never before have there been so many offers for players and teams in German-speaking countries. In addition to the well-known German leagues DPL and X-Series, the tournament series of the Millenium Series and the CPS , which are held throughout Europe, will again stop in Germany to enrich the tournament landscape in 2017.

Paintball Liga Termine 2017

So that you can optimally prepare for the coming season, we have selected the most important key data for the coming year for you here.

· DPL – Start 29.04.2017 ( 3.Bundesliga )

· X-Series – Start 22.04.2017 ( X3 Novice )

Millenium Series – Bitburg May 12-14, 2017 ( Beginners/ Pros )

· CPS ( Beginners/ Pros )

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