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The new Tippmann TMC Elite – pre-order now!
Wednesday March 6, 2019

Tippmann TMC Elite – Available to order now!

The Tippmann TMC has been one of the most popular MagFed paintball markers since its appearance about 1.5 years ago and dominates the entry-level market like no other model. Tippmann has now launched the third TMC model series and announced the new TMC Elite at the Paintball Extravaganza last month.

Buy Tippmann TMC Elite – But where?

The first models are currently being delivered to specialist retailers. We are expecting the first TMC Elite markers by around mid-March . Pre-orders can of course now be placed in our online shop. The delivery then takes place directly after the Germany-wide market launch by Tippmann. As soon as the marker is available, you can order the new Tippmann TMC Elite right here .

Tippmann TMC Elite - Die Details

Paintball Sports – Your Tippmann Paintball Shop

As a long-standing partner of the Tippmann brand and as one of the largest sales partners in German-speaking countries, we always take a close look at the new products before we add them to the range. Since the announcement of the TMC Elite, we have been asked several times "Hey, what's actually new about the Tippmann TMC Elite paintball marker , or what is the difference to the previous model?" – that's easy to explain. Tippmann has hardly changed anything on his proven basic model. They didn't have to, because the Tippmann TMC is still one of the most popular paintball markers on the market by far.

Actually, Tippmann only gave the new TMC Elite a new front shroud and an improved barrel. The marker also comes standard with an Air Stick System and a paintball HP system in the shoulder rest. In other words, you get a solid, very functional and visually appealing MagFed paintball marker across the board at a really good price. The new changes may seem marginal at first glance, but they are by no means negligible. The new front shroud made of solid metal is much more stable and allows you to attach accessories. The new barrel, which is now also available in lengths of up to 16", ensures more precision and makes the Tippmann TMC even more effective.

From our point of view, a worthy successor and a successful Model 3 of the Tippmann TMC, which will certainly find its buyers. We hope you enjoy testing this great new toy.

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