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The new Planet Eclipse EGO LV2
Tuesday November 15, 2022

The new Planet Eclipse EGO LV2 in the product test

Also in this issue we have a detailed product test for a brand new product for you. Today we are talking about the EGO LV2 from Planet Eclipse . The first Planet Eclipse EGO markers were groundbreaking at the time and revolutionized the market for high-end paintball markers almost overnight. It is all the more logical that the new Ego LV2 from Planet sets new standards and once again explores the limits of what is possible when it comes to performance and efficiency. But now we don't want to keep you in suspense, but present the new EGO LV2 in beautiful pictures and all the details.

Yes, we only had a Planet Eclipse marker in the product test in the last issue, we know that. BUT… on the one hand, no other manufacturer has presented anything new for what feels like an eternity, and on the other hand, a new EGO LV2 is simply the coolest piece of shit and, in our opinion, should be included here for that reason alone. So we ask for your indulgence and understanding.

So enough of the banter, let's get started… We have the brand new Planet Eclipse EGO LV2 in front of us. At first glance, it looks like the lower part of the CS2 was crossed with the upper part of the old EGO LV1.6. I like that. The LV2 looks very high quality and appealing. When you first pick it up, you immediately notice the really good feel. The marker lies well in the hand and is also easy to hold. The grips, which are already known from the Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro, have a structured surface. This ensures a very good grip and the marker lies securely in the hand. The tool-less design of the grips has also been retained on the LV2, i.e. no tools are required to remove or reassemble the grips. The same applies to the bolt, which can be removed with a flick of the wrist, and the new, modular S63 barrel system. In general, the LV2, like all other planet markers, is very easy to maintain and you can do almost all operations during play without tools. An Allen key is only required to set the FPS on the Chrony.

Planet Eclipse EGO LV2 Paintball Marker

Let's now come to the really interesting and, above all, numerous innovations that the EGO LV2 brings with it. The already mentioned S63 barrel is a multi-part system consisting of the rear part of the barrel (back), the barrel front (tip) and a so-called PWR (PoWeR) sleeve. The PWR sleeves, also called inserts, have the task of adapting the inner diameter of the barrel as perfectly as possible to the paintballs used. They work practically like a freak system. The PWR inserts are currently available in five versions with inner diameters of .677, .681, .685, .689 and .693. There is enough choice to cover almost every paint diameter on the market. The interesting thing about the S63 barrel is its special construction. The sleeves are no longer screwed in the middle between the front and back, but are pushed in from behind and clamped between the marker housing and barrel back when the barrel is screwed in. This saves material, which makes the S63 barrel one of the lightest barrel systems currently on the market.

A lot has also happened inside the marker compared to its predecessor. The LPR and HPR regulator are both housed inside the housing and mounted in a new, unique combination only found on the Planet Eclipse EGO LV2. In addition to saving space, which in turn leads to weight savings and a larger volume chamber, this also ensures a more constant working pressure in the marker. With the LV2, this is an incredibly low 115 PSI, which is an absolute top value. The extremely low working pressure ensures that the LV2 is not only more stable in the hand when shooting, but that the paintballs are also accelerated more evenly. Smoother acceleration means less FPS fluctuations on the Chrony, resulting in a more accurate shot. In general, the EGO markers are among the most accurate paintball markers on the market due to their mechanics, but the LV2 goes a step further here. The built-in Cure FT bolt ensures maximum gentle ball handling, so that even the most brittle types of paint can be fired with the LV2 without any problems in any weather. One reason why so many tournament players have trusted the EGO marker series for years. Other product features include the newly developed SMC solenoid, the eye cover that can be removed without tools, the new MME – Modular Marker Electronic, a Bluetooth interface and a newly designed hard-shell case. In addition, of course, the proven features of the predecessor such as the low-rise clamp feed, the Zick 3 rammer kit with light and heavy rammer (2 rammers included), the leaver valve valve system, the blade trigger and the LV2 is a matter of course, like all current Planet marker models , E-portal compatible. The exact list of features can be found below in the article in the marker details or in the online shop.

Our final conclusion is clear. The Planet Eclipse EGO LV2 is a real, innovative novelty and not just a facelift. Although most of the innovations are invisible to the customer under the surface of the marker, they definitely pack a punch. EGO fans and all players who are looking for a real high-end marker with maximum performance should strike here. At the latest on the field you are 100% convinced of the new EGO LV2. In any case, we are. That was our product test for the brand new Planet Eclipse EGO LV2. We hope you had fun reading and were able to take some helpful information with you. We'll see you again in the next issue when there's a new product to marvel at. Be curious what the manufacturers will present at the World Cup this year.

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