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The new DLX Luxe X paintball marker
Tuesday June 4, 2019

THE NEW LUXE X – DSL on the rise

Since the first LUXE paintball marker appeared more than 10 years ago, the DLX brand has stood for innovation, quality and absolute high-end paintball markers. After the successful predecessor models LUXE, LUXE 1.5, LUXE 2.0 and LUXE ICE, a worthy successor has finally been presented after more than 3 years of development – the new LUXE X.

First things first, it's still a LUXE . Visually, the marker has hardly changed since the first generation. Here and there the body has shed a few grams from model to model, but DLX has remained true to its base model and the classic appearance of the LUXE. But when you take a look “under the hood”, it quickly becomes clear that a lot has happened here. Practically every relevant component has been retouched, revised or optimized for the new LUXE X.

Let's start with the most outstanding feature. The LUXE is the first paintball marker in the world to be almost completely dismantled down to the smallest detail without tools. Apart from the fact that a LUXE almost always runs well and causes few problems, the marker can now be disassembled and serviced anytime, anywhere without tools. Thanks to the ingenious design, it can be completely disassembled in a few minutes and with just a few movements.

In detail, the following can be removed or processed on the LUXE without any tools:

The bolt – As usual, can be pulled out without tools by simply tilting the back cap. It can be unscrewed into its individual parts for regreasing and replacing O-rings.

The handle shells – Thanks to the quick-change system, they can be removed and reattached in one easy step. Underneath is the board and the battery.

The battery – This is now plugged into a kind of card slot, similar to what is known from digital cameras. By gently pressing on the battery, it jumps out of the socket a little and can then be pulled out. Incidentally, the new battery has 300% more capacity than the previous models. Amateur players will probably only need to load the LUXE once per season… no kidding 🙂

The board – This component can now also be detached from the handle without additional tools. By flipping two small levers, the board is directly exposed and can be removed.

The handle – The handle can now also be completely detached from the marker body without tools. To do this, you first have to release a lock at the bottom between the front handle and the trigger frame, and second you have to flip a lever that is on the back of the marker, below the bolt in the housing. The whole thing takes less than five seconds. If both levers are turned, you can pull the handle straight down.

ATTENTION – The solenoid is attached to the body and protrudes approx. 6 cm into the handle. The construction is very solid, but if you act clumsily or use too much lateral force, you could break it off or at least damage it.

In addition to the new tool-less design, LUXE has also upped the ante in terms of performance. The new X-Core bolt core is even more efficient than all previous versions and works with even less pressure. The result is more shots per tank of fuel, a more consistent shot pattern and almost no more kick/recoil.

The trigger has again been slightly improved in terms of weight and performance, even though LUXE has been offering one of the best, if not the best (!) trigger of all models for years. In addition, the trigger can now be removed from the housing with just one screw.

Anyone who used to have problems with the Luxe's ribbon cables and may have broken them when taking them apart can breathe a sigh of relief. The LUXE X no longer has such cables. All connections are now connected to the so-called Intelli-Connect wireless system via gold-plated printed circuit boards and pins, which are in direct contact when the components are assembled. This not only makes the LUXE X less prone to failure, but also improves battery performance.

Of course, the LUXE X has all the features that were already convincing in the previous models. The two-piece Freak XL barrel ensures maximum precision. The unique voice control takes the user through the menu with ease and, as usual, is programmed in 5 national languages. If you don't feel like voice control, you can of course also use the high-quality OLED board display for menu control.

Our conclusion: All in all, in our opinion, the LUXE X can not only be described as a worthy successor to the LUXE ICE, but apart from the usual LUXE look, it is practically a completely newly designed marker. The model is again designed by the manufacturer DLX for a life cycle of at least two to three years. This makes the LUXE X extremely stable in value.

We were already very impressed with the LUXE X before the test, but are now really convinced. For us, in terms of innovation, it is the best and most advanced marker that has been presented for the 2019 season so far. If you have the €1,499.95 left over, we will give you a clear buy recommendation. The LUXE X is definitely the high-end product par excellence for fans and tournament players.

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