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The MagFed Day at Paintball Sports
Monday November 21, 2022


Due to Corona, we haven't had a real store event for a long time. That was finally over, because this year in August the Paintball Sports MagFed Day finally took place on our premises. Matching the event, we had interesting guests and numerous new products on site. For all those who didn't make it to our store, in this article we tell you what MagFed Day was all about.

It's Saturday 13th August 2023, MagFed Day at Paintball Sports. We invited our customers, business partners and friends to a very special date in our shop on this day. As the name suggests, MagFed Day is all about magazine-loaded paintball markers, equipment and accessories. In addition to around 150 customers who visited us throughout the day, there were also numerous well-known faces from the German MagFed paintball scene. We also had a guest with CS MagFed Innovations, a newcomer company that is currently making a name for itself on the market with special parts for the Planet Eclipse EMF100. But let's start from the beginning again… Anyone who attended MagFed Day as a customer could look forward to a delicious, free breakfast on site, right at the entrance. Freshly strengthened with coffee and donuts, we then went to the sales area, where numerous new products and a few very special daily offers were waiting. Incidentally, the special offers at such events are only available on site in the shop. In addition, there was a food stamp with every purchase, with which one could get a free hot dog and a drink at the stand in front of the entrance. Maybe one more reason for one or the other to be there in person next time.

Right next to the entrance, opposite the sales counter, Samin and Christian from CS MagFed Innovations welcomed customers with their brand new Air Stock Adapter for the Planet Eclipse EMF100. In addition, there was the EMF100 Lock Bolt to marvel at. The latter could even be taken directly to MagFed Day if desired, because the boys had a small sales batch with them. Further inside the shop, relatively in the middle of the sales area, Ulli and Martin from the Operation Black Sky event team had placed their stand. Both were full of anticipation for the OBS13 entitled Monitoring, which took place in mid-October, and banged the drum on the spot. As a small highlight, they had brought us two tickets for the event, which we were allowed to raffle among all customers at the end of the day. For all new players in the MagFed area, it should be mentioned at this point that Ulli and Martin are organizing the somewhat smaller beginner's event Resist the Virus with a playing time of 12 hours in addition to the 24-hour event Operation Black Sky. So if you are interested in gaining a foothold in the MagFed Paintball area, you have the opportunity to meet the organizers personally at events such as our MagFed Day and ask specific questions about the event, getting into the scene and everything else. We recommend everyone to take advantage of this opportunity, otherwise you can't get any closer to the guys, because at their own events they are on duty almost non-stop and have almost no time for such small talk.

Let's now come to the numerous new products that we had on site in addition to the already mentioned products from CS MagFed Innovations. From the HPA manufacturer PowAir there is a brand new and super compact HP regulator. The new model is called MicroMax Regulator and is similar in size and design to the First Strike Hero or Guerrilla Air Myth Regaltor. – Albeit with some interesting improvements. According to the manufacturer, these are a weight reduction of around 30%, the factory adjustability from HP to LP by simply removing a shim, the 16-way adjustable ASA thread and the unbeatably low price of the current 300 bar version, which is a whopping 50% below that of the competition. A very interesting product that will certainly assert itself in the MagFed scene, where compact air stick setups are in demand.

The innovative premium manufacturer Dynamic Sports Gear also had two interesting new products in its luggage. On the one hand, a 2.0 version of the First Strike T15 Power Tube, which is already available in stores when this edition is released, and then a new Drop Down ASA Adapter for the Tippmann TMC, which can also be used as a PDW Air Thru Stock. However, the latter product will probably be a long time coming, since the sample presented was an early, 3D printed prototype version.

As is well known, the best comes at the end. As a very special highlight for all MagFed fans, we had two different models of the coveted Hardstyle AK20 assault rifle on site. Unfortunately, the manufacturer also had bad news for us, because despite PTB approval for the German market, the delivery date is still a long time coming, as is a final price structure. Customers are desperately waiting for the market launch, but the manufacturer has hardly announced any new information on the final release date for months. So unfortunately we have to keep waiting…

So much for our overview of MagFed Day 2022. We would like to thank all visitors for coming and for the really positive feedback. Of course, that makes us want more and so we can already announce that MagFed Day will return in the coming 2023 season. As always, the dates will be announced in good time.

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