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The latest paintball products in the 2nd quarter of 2019
Tuesday June 4, 2019


CARBON Paintball – Three new products at the start

The high-end manufacturer Carbon shines at the start of the season with three new products. On the one hand, there are new, ultra-light elbow pads to complement the Protection range. A new barrel based on the Freak XL and a very inexpensive Chrony with a Bluetooth interface for mobile phones were also presented. As always, you can find more information and detailed pictures in our Paintball Sports online shop.

Available: Immediately | Price: €54.95 / €119.95 / €129.95

All in one – The WARQ Tactical Helmet

WARQ was the first company in the world to bring a full-face tactical helmet onto the market. This was originally developed for the airsoft sector, but according to reports it also withstands the stresses of paintball sports. However, the manufacturer is currently still working on a solution to the splash protection problem that comes with using the helmet when playing pantball. We keep you up to date.

Available: Immediately | Price: €239.95

New HP systems from First Strike – FIRST STRIKE HERO 2

The latest HP system generation from First Strike is called HERO2 and is intended to replace the previous Hero series. The HERO2 systems have become even lighter and feature the new HERO2 HP regulator. The regulator is identical in construction to the HERO, but a different material was used in the thread area. The HERO2 series is available in the following size units: 48, 68, 77, 88 and 100. A 124 Ci is also planned.

Available: Immediately | Price: from €239.95

The HK ARMY TFX2 LOADER – A worthy successor

Made famous by paintball videos, the company from the USA is bringing more and more products onto the market. HK Army has now introduced the successor to its TFX Hopper . The whole thing is simply called TFX2, but offers a few nice new features such as an improved ramp, a standard speed feed with rain cover and a new drive mechanism. With this upgrade, HK is clearly moving into the top league of loader manufacturers.

Available: Immediately | Price: €199.95

Reloading made easy – THE TIPPMANN TMC DOUBLE MAG

Tippmann continues to invest in the Magfed scene and has launched new magazines with connectors (Mag-Coupler) for its TMC Magfed marker series. From now on you can choose whether you buy a 2-pack of individual magazines or instead take two connected magazines with quick-change function for the same price. A great upgrade for the currently most sought-after MagFed marker in the world.

Available: Immediately | Price: €39.95

PLANET ECLIPSE CS2 Infamous Edition

Nobody can doubt that Planet Eclipse hit the mark with the Infamous design. The skull design is just awesome. In cooperation with the US Pro Team LA Infamous, Planet Eclipse has presented 7 new color variants of its current marker top model CS2 . As a player, you can now choose from a whopping 19 color combinations. So there really should be something for every taste.

Available: Immediately | Price: €1,699.95

Good, cheap, Exalt… – The new EXALT Battlepacks

The Exalt brand is better known for small, innovative changes. Even with the new Pro-Ject Packs, no big barrel is opened and yet Exalt once again delivers an excellent product at an absolutely fair price. The features of the new Exalt Pro-Ject Packs are impressive. For this you pay a good 10-20 euros more for a pack with other brands. We have a clear buy recommendation.

Available: now | Price: from €54.95

I'm throwing a Flashbang – ENOLA GAYE FLASHBANG 3.0

Enola Gaye is the undisputed number one in paintball & airsoft pyrotechnics. After many stages of development, they finally managed to create an inexpensive, working Flash Bang grenade for the German market. This allows you to make the next game a little more tactical. A very solid and above all safe product with a fair price-performance ratio.

Available: Immediately | Price: from €7.50

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