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Thursday May 23, 2024

Welcome to THE BIG PRODUCT TEST – The new Luxe IDOL. Just in time for the start of the season, DLX has introduced a brand new Luxe. The new model is called Luxe IDOL and has been significantly revised and improved compared to the previous model. We have taken a closer look at the new model for our product test and now want to show you in detailed pictures what you can look forward to with the new Luxe IDOL. Let's go…

Since the first Luxe was introduced around 15 years ago, this marker has stood for high-quality and finest workmanship and prestige. Sure, a Luxe is "just" a paintball marker, but it is also a luxury item, a collector's item and still something very special among the high-end models in the tournament sector. Even today, the Luxe is the only marker with voice control. – Yes, the Luxe speaks to you and tells you the individual menu items, fire modes and other information. But let's take a closer look at what we as potential Luxe players can expect when we buy it. The new Luxe IDOL comes in a high-quality hard case with a zipper. This has been completely redesigned and is therefore different from the hard cases of the previous models.

Let's start with the barrel, because that's the first thing we see when we open the bag. The marker bag contains two levels inside with separate pockets that are held in position with elastic bands. Each can be removed individually if desired. You can either remove the barrel with all components on its own display base or the marker, which is packed in another zipped bag in the bag. As already mentioned, the Luxe IDOL is delivered with a Freak XL barrel set. However, the barrel is adapted to the body design of the marker using special Luxe milling. So something like a Freak XL set in a special design. The barrel set consists of Freak XL front and back, as well as two sleeves / inserts. These are no longer marked with the exact size of the inner diameter on the Luxe IDOL, but only have the information "Small" and "Large". Experience has shown that "Small" should be in the .682 range and "Large" should be in the .690 range. Here, too, as usual, you have to adjust the paint you play to the barrel diameter before use. In addition to the new Luxe IDOL design, the back has also undergone a small but crucial change compared to all previous models. The small recesses in the back through which you could see the inside of the sleeve have disappeared. Here, design had to give way to practical use, because the aim was to create less space for penetrating dirt such as dust or paint. The Luxe IDOL continues to use the in-house Luxe thread; this is something you must take into account when purchasing tuning barrels and components. Despite the slight visual differences, the barrel parts and inserts are still compatible with all other Freak XL components. The barrel bag also contains the accessories. Here we find a medium-sized spare parts set, a barrel sock, a charging cable, a tube of grease, a hex key set and the power supply for the charger. So much for the first bag in the delivery. Now we come to the second, much more interesting bag, because it contains the marker.

Here it is at last, the new Luxe IDOL . – At first glance, it is clearly a Luxe. The typical Luxe basic shape has not changed since the first model; you can always tell at first glance that this model is a Luxe. But if you look a little more closely or even put the previous model, the Luxe TM40, next to it, you will quickly notice the differences, because there are many. The first thing that catches your eye is the new, large 1.3 inch TFT LCD display, which is embedded in the grip on the left side of the handle. Visually, this area is reminiscent of a Dye M3+, where you will find a similar display in position and size. The display is designed as a single component and can be removed individually for maintenance or replacement without having to replace the entire circuit board.

Small changes have also been made to the heart of the Luxe IDOL to improve performance. The front section of the bolt has been slightly shortened compared to the previous model and an additional nozzle has been installed in the tip of the bolt can for even more efficient and gentler air distribution. All of this is intended to make the marker even quieter, gentler and more effective. The revised "Sit-Flat-ASA" is significantly slimmer, flatter and easier to handle, and thanks to only a single O-ring inside, it also requires much less maintenance than all previous models. The air supply can be opened and closed with one hand using a flat rocker lever. To protect the electronics and the charging connections, a full metal cover has been placed over the back of the handle. This can be removed and reattached without tools, so that you have access to the components underneath at all times and everything is still optimally protected during play. Furthermore, the eye covers, the so-called eye covers, have been redesigned again on the new Luxe IDOL. They are now secured against accidental falling out with a new locking mechanism and without the stamped magnets. The ergonomically shaped cover of the front handle has also been renewed and has a slimmer design that integrates even better into the shape of the housing.

Other changes include the optimized clamp feed and the contact surfaces of the electronics for even more reliable and powerful performance of the marker. Of course, all the proven features of the previous models have been adopted in the new Luxe IDOL, because as is usual with DLX, features that have proven themselves in practice are adopted in the subsequent model versions of new markers. The Luxe IDOL can be disassembled with almost no tools and can also be converted to the mechanical frame. Initial tests on the effectiveness of the marker, which were carried out by US professional players, show astonishingly good results. At a shot speed of around 290 FPS (in Germany the legal limit is 214 FPS!) the Luxe IDOL managed an incredible 1,500 shots with a full 300 bar 1.1 liter HP bottle! That is a really astonishingly good value and speaks for the effectiveness of the Luxe bolt system and the incredibly good performance of this marker.

That was our product test today for the brand new Luxe IDOL. By the time you have this issue in your hands, approval for the German market should also be complete, so that you can order the new Luxe IDOL from your trusted dealer to hit the field with even more power and performance in the new season. We were certainly impressed by the new Luxe – a visually appealing marker with great workmanship and outstanding performance and effectiveness. We hope all Luxe fans enjoy their new marker.

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