The DLX paintball marker

DLX has firmly established impressive paintball markers on the market in recent years. One such model is the Luxe 2.0 OLED, an impressive evolution of the popular LUXE 1.0, 2.0 and 2.0. The Luxe 2.0 has a new type of OLED board. The voice control interface has also been completely redesigned. The new voices are the voices of well-known national soccer players.

The DLX paintball marker is also equipped with a bolt return spring as standard and has an easy-to-maintain fire chamber. Furthermore, the Feather Touch Soft-Bolt has various setting options to offer. In addition, this paintball weapon has a Quick Latch Detens system integrated. This marker clearly shows that DLX values quality.

DLX Paintball Marker - The manufacturer values quality

Like many other paintball weapons from DLX, this marker also has the new DLX Luxe 2.0 board integrated. The Luxe 2.0 circuit board is based on embedded controller technology, making the marker much more efficient and responsive. Thanks to an energy-saving mode, the battery of the DLX paintball marker lasts much longer than you are used to from other paintball guns. Of course, the separate voltage regulator for digital and analogue circuitry also has a positive influence on the energy consumption of the DXL marker due to the power-on performance.

Luxe USB interface application - the DLX paintball marker has a lot to offer

The new Windows-based software offers three ways to keep the Luxe 2.0 Luxe up to date with firmware updates without having to send the Luxe to a dealer. The substitution permutation network is based on a top-secret NSA-approved encryption technique to prevent foreign software from being played onto the marker. The settings can be transferred and changed directly via the USB interface of the DLX paintball marker. As a user, you have nineteen different setting options that you can select directly from the side menu. Various new language sets for the Luxe 2.0 can also be loaded via the USB interface.

New voices - this DLX marker tops it all

The Luxe 2.0 comes standard with the standard voices in various languages such as Russian, Spanish and German. But that's not all, for the Luxe 2.0 there are four language banks from which the new languages can be selected and loaded via the Luxe USB interface application. In the meantime, the language libraries of DLX have grown rapidly, which means that a wide variety of languages can be selected. Especially the voices of well-known paintball players, such as B. Patrick Wrobel, Konstantin Federov or Todd Martinez have something for themselves.

Easy access to the Fire Chamber

Access to the so-called Fire Chamber couldn't be easier. The Luxe Power Core gives you easy and, above all, quick access to the bolt and the folding systems of the tournament marker. The gas volume is better distributed due to the new subdivision within the fire chamber. At the same time, the O-rings inside the chamber can be easily replaced.

Bolt Return Spring

A small spring is embedded inside the nose of the Luxe paintball marker bolt, which stores the excess energy from the bolt return stroke. The spring engages as soon as the screw begins forward motion. This immediately reduces the mono drop.

Easy Feathertouch access

One of the impressive updates to the new Luxe paintball marker is the Feathertouch. The players can choose between the fastest possible reload cycle or pneumatic buffering. With the Feathertouch, the recoil of the Luxe Paintball is practically eliminated. Due to the buffered bolt movement, even brittle paintballs can be played with the modern Luxe markers. Inside the Luxe handle frame is an opening that allows you to adjust the Feathertouch control screw to your own taste. The setting is secured via the Feathertouch control screw when the paintball marker is not in use.

The new fast latch system

The Fast Latch system is an impressive development that made its debut in the new modern Luxe paintball marker. Thanks to this system, the paintball marker can be cleaned quickly and easily, since the marker can be easily disassembled without tools thanks to the quick-locking system. The quick locking system of the Luxe paintball markers with positive holding magnets has been expanded with physical locks that positively support the easy maintenance of this paintball weapon.

Luxe Case - the paintball markers inspire

The newly designed case of the Luxe paintball markers convince with a much better padding. In addition, the housing has been made more robust and is much easier to handle.

Luxe paintball markers - an impressive achievement

The Luxe paintball marker still has some impressive features to offer. In addition to a multi-league fire mode, this includes an ergonomic design, supplemented by a joystick with which the navigation menu can be easily operated. In addition, the paintball guns from Lux can score with unbeatably quick access to the technology, from the screw to the valve. This enables quick maintenance and cleaning without any problems. The Luxe's barrel technology is impressively adaptable. Other features of the marker include a 4-point adjustable trigger, angled ball detents and a tubeless design.

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