TEAM BASE YELLOW sign for paintball field / airsoft field (60x60cm)

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Product description

Information sign TEAM BASE YELLOW for paintball fields and airsoft facilities.

Make it easy for your visitors on the field and tell them where to go and what is where on your facility with meaningful signs. The easier it is for the customer to find his way around, the more relaxed he perceives the day and your system.

Clear labeling of important things such as filling stations or instructions to wear a protective mask also ensure more safety on your facility.

Our high-quality printed playing field signs are easy to understand thanks to the meaningful icon (visual effect) and explanation in German and English (written effect). The eye-catching signal colors also ensure that the sign is actually noticed by the visitor.

All signs are made of high-quality printed, tear-resistant and UV-resistant truck tarpaulin and have metal eyelets all around for hanging. Easy to install and a very durable product that will easily withstand the occasional shot on the pitch.

Customized signs for your facility. - We make it possible!

If you would like to have completely individual signs for your facility, which, for example, contain your field logo, have a different background, or say something different than the signs we offer, then please do not hesitate to contact us. We deliver individually designed signs from a purchase quantity of just 5 pieces!

Product details of the information signs:

- Information sign for paintball & airsoft facilities

- High-quality printed truck tarpaulin

- UV-resistant

- Tear resistant

- Provided with metal eyelets for hanging

- Dimensions 60x60 cm


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