Tasmanian Tiger / TT Tac Pouch 7

Tasmanian_Tiger_Tac_Pouch_7_ Tasmanian_Tiger_Tac_Pouch_7_oliv Tasmanian_Tiger_Tac_Pouch_7_schwarz_back Tasmanian_Tiger_Tac_Pouch_7_oliv_back Tasmanian_Tiger_Tac_Pouch_7_coyote Tasmanian_Tiger_Tac_Pouch_7_coyote_back Tasmanian_Tiger_TT_Tac_Pouch_7 Tasmanian_Tiger_Tac_Pouch_7_multicam Tasmanian_Tiger_Tac_Pouch_7_multicam_back
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Product description

Tasmanian Tiger Tac Pouch 7

Universal accessory bag for personal equipment, first aid material, communications, etc.


- Mesh pocket under the lid

- Two D-rings inside

- Attachment loops

- Antenna openings on the main compartment

- MOLLE snap button system

- Requires three MOLLE loops

- Dimensions: 24 x 15 x 5.5 cm

- Weight: 230g

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