Tasmanian Tiger / TT IFAK Pouch VL L

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Product description

Tasmanian Tiger IFAK Pouch VL L

First Aid Kit for attachment to MOLLE Velcro. The TT Ifak Pouch VL L is covered with Velcro for easy attachment and can therefore be mounted directly on Velcro surfaces, e.g. on the TT Modular Front Seat Panel or in the modular TT backpacks. The bag has a MOLLE Velcro adapter. The IFAK kit is pulled out on one side.

Due to the fastening system, the TT Ifak Pouch VL L is not equally suitable for every tactical use in the field.


- IFAK can be pulled out to the side

- Hook and loop backing

- MOLLE Velcro adapter

- Dimensions: 20x14x5 cm

- Weight: 290g

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