TacButt rubber cover / coating for 0.2L paintball HP systems (cyan blue)

Gummiueberzug_Cover_fuer_02_Liter_Paintball_HP_Flaschen_Cyan_blau Gummiueberzug_Cover_fuer_02_Liter_Paintball_HP_Flaschen_Cyan_blau_details
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Product description

Non-slip rubber coating for all Paintball HP bottles with an outer diameter of 50-55mm. This cover is simply pushed over the air system and thanks to its elastic rubber material it stays in place.

Thanks to the rubber surface, the bottle now sits firmly in the shoulder without slipping. An interesting upgrade for all MagFed paintballers who do not use or want to use a buttstock.

Also suitable for the new Dye 0.25 liter 300 bar bottles!

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