SwissEye DEFENSE Airsoft goggles (orange)

SwissEye_Defense_Airsoft_Schutzbrille_schwarz_orange SwissEye_RX_Clip_Adapter_fuer_Brillenglaeser SwissEye_RX_Clip_Adapter_Blackhawk_Defense_Nighthawk_Raptor_Brillen SwissEye_RX_Clip_Adapter_fuer_Brillenglaeser SwissEye_RX_Clip_Adapter_Blackhawk_Defense_Nighthawk_Raptor_Brillen
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Product description

The SwissEye brand is one of the absolute top brands when it comes to high-quality protective goggles for airsoft sports. We deliberately chose the premium products from SwissEye, even if they are a bit more expensive than other airsoft goggles. The extremely robust workmanship and the high-quality workmanship of these glasses simply convinced us in the end.

This model is the SwissEye DEFENSE goggles with ballistic glass. It has adjustable temples, an anti-scratch and anti-fog coating and 100% UVA, UVB and UVC protection.

The delivery includes an elastic goggle strap / goggle rubber and a microfiber bag for transport.

This model is also suitable for the SwissEye RX clip adapter for prescription lenses. The adapter must be purchased separately. The glasses can be made by almost any optician.

Of course, all SwissEye Airsoft goggles are officially certified and therefore absolutely safe to use on the field. Maximum quality for your personal safety.

Scope of delivery of the SwissEye DEFENSE Airsoft glasses:

- SwissEye DEFENSE Airsoft goggles with adjustable temples

- Orange lens (enhances contours and contrasts, suitable for outdoor use, forest and well-lit buildings.)

- Elastic goggle strap (black)

- Microfiber transport bag

- RX clip adapter for prescription lenses can be retrofitted as an option ( not included!)

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