Smith & Wesson M&P 9 - 2.0 T4E backstraps - set of 3

Smith-Wesson_M-P9_T4E_Griffr-cken_3er_set Smith&Wesson_M&P9_T4E_Griffrücken_3er_set_1 Smith&Wesson_M&P9_T4E_Griffrücken_3er_set_2 Smith&Wesson_M&P9_T4E_Griffrücken_3er_set_3
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Product description

3-part back strap conversion kit for the Smiss & Wesson M&P 9 pistol from Umarex in caliber 43 RAM.

The different grip backs allow the grip of the pistol to be individually adapted to the wishes of the shooter and thus to make the grip narrower or wider. A small but very interesting upgrade for the pistol.

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