Cytac R-Defender Paddle Holster for S&W M&P 9 (black)

Cytac_R_Defender_Paddle_Holster_fuer_S-W_M-P_9_schwarz Cytac_R_Defender_Paddle_Holster_fuer_S&W_M&P_9_schwarz_back Cytac_R_Defender_Paddle_Holster_fuer_S&W_M&P_9_schwarz_side
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Product description

Cytac R-Defender Paddle Holster for S&W M&P 9

The 3rd generation of the successful Cytac paddle holster has been upgraded in terms of stronger material, a secure hold, improved ergonomics and a modern design. The resilient polymer offers more protection, greater stability and a long service life. The weapon can be released from the holster by gently pressing down with your index finger.

Specifications of the R-Defender Paddle Holster:

- Manufacturer: Cytac

- Model: R-Defender Holster

- with paddle

- Compatible for: S&W M&P9

- For right-handers

- Material: polymer

- 360° rotatable

- extremely temperature resistant

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