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Rent a Gun – simply rent paintball markers…
Tuesday January 16, 2018

Rent paintball markers – fast, easy & cheap!

Who doesn't know that, you feel like paintball, but you just can't afford the equipment you want to play at the moment. On the home field you get at best mediocre rental equipment and on a super field you can't keep up with it at all.

This should be over now! Paintball Sports launches the new RENT A GUN program . Here you can easily borrow and play the latest paintball marker models . The ideal solution for everyone who, for example, only goes to the field a few times a year and therefore does not want to buy their own equipment. Even those who either have no space for paintball equipment or simply cannot afford the expensive tournament markers will get their money's worth here. Simply borrow the desired paintball marker for the next game day, clean it afterwards and bring it back. The cost is only a fraction of what you would pay to buy it. And honestly, who actually goes to the paintball field 10-20 times a year? Those are probably the fewest. Nevertheless, from now on you can play like the pros, with the same, full-fledged equipment, just much cheaper.

Where and how can I rent a paintball marker?

The process is very simple. The rental takes place on site in our paintball shop in Hanover , Langenhagen. There are always several current paintball marker models to choose from. From good mid-range markers to high-end tournament equipment, you can rent everything you've always wanted to test on the field from us.

A rental order is recorded on site and we need some personal data from you as well as a copy of your ID and a deposit. The rent for a whole week is usually only about 5% of the new marker price and is practically the rental fee. The deposit is 25% of the new marker price. This only has to be deposited and you will receive it back if the marker is handed in on time.

If you don't have any paintball equipment at all, you can also borrow ahopper and a HP bottle from us. Here, too, there are various models to choose from. Unfortunately, we do not lend masks, these are simply for hygienic reasons. But a mask should be the first thing a budding paintballer buys anyway.

Rent HP systems & hoppers for paintball sports – Paintball Sports makes it possible…

To supplement your equipment, we have various hopper models and HP system variants for you to choose from, which you can borrow from us for little money. The rental fee is always a daily flat rate and is valid for 24 hours. Separate prices apply on weekends and Sunday is only charged as half a day. Below you will find a small overview of the possible upgrades and their costs.

HP systems

0.8 liter HP system, aluminum (200 bar) for 5 euros a day

1.1 liter HP system, carbon/fiberglass (300 bar) for 10 euros a day


Dye R1 / Dye LT-R for 5 euros a day

Dye R2 for 10 euros a day

How much does it cost to rent a paintball marker?

As a rental fee, we charge 5% of the new price that a marker has when it is launched. For example, if a new paintball marker costs 1000 euros when it comes out, the rental fee for this model is 50 euros for a whole week. This includes use and normal wear and tear (O-rings, oil, battery). Damage and loss of components are not included in the rental fee, the renter must pay for this himself and, if necessary, compensate for the damage incurred.

Which paintball marker models can I borrow?

We always offer you a large selection of the current models from the current season. If a new model comes onto the market that we find interesting, we will endeavor to make the marker available to you as a demonstrator.

Among other things, the introduction of rental markers from the brands Planet Eclipse, Dye, Empire, DLX Luxe and Smart Parts is planned.

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