PYROTAC M18 Paintball / Airsoft Smoke Grenade with Rocker Arm (Orange)

According to the German Weapons Act, not allowed under 18 years of age.
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Product description

Large, tactical smoke grenade with rocker arm, perfect for airsoft and paintball games. Also suitable as a practice grenade for security services, police and military. Attractive design in a tactical M18 smoke grenade look.

This smoke grenade model has an extremely powerful smoke output, see product video. In just a few seconds, the enemy's vision is completely obscured and you can change cover or skillfully flank the enemy under the protection of the smoke.

Technical data of the smoke ganate with rocker arm:

M18 grenade design

Dimensions: 15cm high, 5.8cm diameter

Burning time approx. 60 seconds

Product weight: 322g

Pyrotechnic charge 70g

Category P1

CE test number 1395-0276/2014

Color orange

ATTENTION , the product burns hot! Use only in approved areas and under constant supervision.

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